Computer MemoryLaptop (SO-DIMM)   DDR-SODIMM 200-pins      up to 256 MB      512 MB   DDR2-SODIMM 200-pins      up to 256 MB      512 MB      1024 MB (1 GB)      more than 2048 MB (2 GB)   DDR3-SODIMM 204-pins      1 GB (1024 MB)      2 GB (2048 MB)      from 4 GB (4096 MB)   SDRAM-SODIMM 144-pins      up to 256 MB      512 MBPC   DDR-RAM 184-pins      Up to 256 MB      512 MB      1024 MB (1 GB)   DDR2-RAM 240-pins      256 MB      512 MB      1024 MB (1 GB)      more than 2048 MB (2 GB)   DDR3-RAM 240-pins      1 GB (1024 MB)   RDRAM 184-pins (Rambus)      up to 256 MB      512 MB   SDRAM 168-pins      up to 256 MB      512 MB   PS/2 72-pins      up to 256 MBServer Memory (ECC)   DDR ECC 184-pins      up to 256 MB      512 MB      1024 MB (1 GB)      from 2048 MB (2 GB)   DDR2 ECC 240-pins      up to 256 MB      512 MB      1024 MB (1 GB)      2048 MB (2 GB)      from 4096 MB (4 GB)   DDR2 FBDIMM 240-pin      up to 512 MB      1024 MB (1 GB)      2048 MB (2 GB)      from 4096 MB (4 GB)   DDR3 ECC 240-pins      2 GB (2048 MB)      4 GB (4096 MB)      8 GB (8192 MB)      16 GB (16384 MB)   SDRAM ECC 168-pins      Up to 256 MB      512 MB      more than 1024 MB (1 GB)Others   up to 256 MB   more than 1024 MB (1 GB)
CPUsApple CPUsMobile CPUs   AMD      AMD A-Serie Mobile      AMD Athlon 64 Mobile      AMD Athlon 64 X2 Mobile      AMD Athlon Mobile      AMD Athlon XP-M      AMD E-Serie Mobile      AMD Phenom II Mobile      AMD Sempron Mobile      AMD Turion 64      AMD Turion 64 X2      AMD Turion II Mobile      AMD Turion X2 Mobile      AMD V-Serie Mobile   Intel      Intel Celeron M      Intel Core 2 Duo      Intel Core 2 Quad      Intel Core Duo      Intel Core i3      Intel Core i5      Intel Core i7      Intel Pentium 4 M 478      Intel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile      Intel Pentium M      Mobile Intel Celeron      Mobile Intel PIII - Socket 479      Mobile Intel PIII - Socket 495      Socket 988A / G1      Socket 988B (989) / G2OthersPC/Desktop CPUs   AMD      Socket / Super 7      Socket 168      Socket 462 / A      Socket 754      Socket 939      Socket AM2/AM2+      Socket AM3/AM3+      Socket FM1      Socket FM2   Intel      Slot 1      Socket 370      Socket 423      Socket 478      Socket 7      Socket 775      Socket 1150      Socket 1151      Socket 1155      Socket 1156      Socket 1366Server CPUs   AMD      Athlon MP      Socket 940      Socket AM2 / AM2+      Socket AM3/AM3+      Socket C32      Socket F (1207)   Intel      Itanium CPUs      Slot 1/2      Socket 603      Socket 604      Socket 771/775      Socket 1150      Socket 1155      Socket 1156      Socket 1356      Socket 1366      Socket 1567      Socket 2011
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